7. Friends & Family for 7

Friends and Family for 7
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7. Friends and Family for 7:

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Friends & Family Passes

Look cool going right to the slopes while taking advantage of great savings this season.

A Friends & Family Value Pass at Timber Ridge let's you ski &/or snowboard every weekday, weekend, snow day, and any time Timber Ridge is open to the public. Now that's a Happy Winter in the making!

How it works:

1. Buy early and save even more.

2. Grab your friends and family members. The more you get, the lower your pass price gets. It is that simple.

3. Plus, the coolness factor of being able to head right to the slopes is of course, priceless!

Have 7 or more people? Why not ask us about our group and corporate rates and programs. For more information, call 269-694-9449, Toll free 800-746-1092, or fax 269-694-6004.

Restrictions: None

Photos & Picking up your Pass: Please have your picture taken and receive your Season Pass at the Annual Timber Ridge Ski & Snowboard Swap or during regular office hours, thereafter.

Note: Do not forget, we have lessons and ski and snowboard equipment-with boots fitting up to size 16, available.

Purchase Directions:

1. Complete. Please complete fields above. 

2. Once your order has been paid and confirmed you will receive an email. Please bring your paid confirmation with you to the ticket office to claim your pass.


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