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Timber Ridge Ski Area Release Waiver and release of Liability

I acknowledge that Ski Racing is a sport with certain adherent risks, be aware of constant changes in slope and race conditions, even with grooming, icy and bare spots exists. Neither Timber Ridge nor any race sponsors will accept responsibility for injuries while skiing or ski racing. In consideration of my participation in Timber Ridge Ski League Competition, the undersigned independently and collectively, and on behalf of himself/herself, his/her heirs, legates, personal representatives, and all those claiming by or through him/her, consent to, and does hereby, discharge, release and hold harmless Timber Ridge and all other sponsors, and their affiliates, their agents, servants, employees, assign, personal or bodily injury (including death), and property loss or damage incurred by him or arising out of or in connection with his participation in the aforementioned Timber Ridge Adult Ski League Competition to be held at Timber Ridge Ski Area, Gobles, Michigan.

By submitting the form above, you have read the waiver release of liability and agree.

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